Kabul TV Live

KABULTV US is an Afghan American LLC company registered in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Established in August 2015 by Mr. Hashem Abbasi, an Afghan American who is fast becoming a top Afghan entrepreneur in the USA with business development in food management, restaurants and strategic communications.

Helping Mr. Abbasi is strategic communicator Mr. Jack Pagano who has decades of broadcast/social media experience.  His knowledge and hands-on media work will help KABULTV US develop and execute new programming, websites and information for Afghans here and overseas.

KABULTV US originally was established as a small one-hour TV program in Alexandria, Virginia.  In just a few months it has emerged as a leading US/Afghan company in disseminating information to Afghan audiences worldwide-serving news, social, cultural, political, sports and others programs.

Currently, KABULTV US is producing (31) Dari and Pashto programs including one to three minute hourly update news bulletins about Afghanistan and other news relating to Afghan in the USA. Our viewers can reach us through live stream on our website ( JADOO TV and GLWIZ with future plans to broadcast over the air in the Washington DC and Freemont, California markets.

KABUL TV US has Managers, Anchors, Producers, Editors and Videographers. The goal: showcase the latest news, information about Afghanistan for Afghans here and overseas.


As a media Company, KABUL TVUS aims to be a part of activities that lead to world and Afghanistan development. We intend to incorporate Kabul TV into a very fabric of awareness raising activities: from most fundamental activities to a wide variety of areas such as collaboration and outreach. Kabul TV has extensive concentration on its future plans and the stage where the business should be led into. This visionary planning is the core of its activities that represents a comprehensive understanding of goals and objectives.

The idea behind Kabul TV company is to establish a professional development supportive environment where every unit is committed to adopt agreements and have same objectives in offering quality services. In the meantime, the partner companies share experiences and provide support within the wide geographical coverage.

KABUL TVUS is engaged in variety of services, such as production and broadcasting of community development, public awareness, education, rule of law and anti corruption, democracy and good governance, civil society and women empowerment programs.

Kabul TV aims to do mobile campaign and mobile theater, media monitoring and design, graphic animated motions to produce movies and drama, feature and fiction movies.

In addition, Kabul TV US provides a full-range of audio and video related services, including pre-production consulting, production, film production, post-production editing, and video placement.

Kabul TV US Programs

Since it is establishment, Kabul TV us has produced and broadcast different Social, cultural, political and information programs